The Stats Company

Updated at: 2023-05-15.

GDPRstats is part of The Stats Company

The Stats Company is a data analytics software provider that offers free-to-use tools for website owners and digital marketers. The company's suite of products includes heatmap and session recording tools that provide valuable insights into user behavior on websites. Heatmaps are graphical representations of data that show which areas of a web page are getting the most attention from users. They are a useful tool for understanding user behavior, such as where users are clicking and how far down the page they are scrolling. Session recordings, on the other hand, are videos of individual users interacting with a website. These recordings provide a more detailed view of user behavior, allowing website owners to identify areas where users may be experiencing difficulty or confusion. The Stats Company's analytics software is easy to use, making it accessible to website owners and digital marketers of all skill levels. In addition to the heatmap and session recording tools, the company offers a range of other analytics features, including conversion tracking, goal setting, and real-time analytics. Overall, The Stats Company is a valuable resource for website owners and digital marketers who want to gain a better understanding of their users' behavior. With its easy-to-use analytics tools, the company is helping businesses make data-driven decisions and improve their online presence.